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Company History
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2021: Obtained the design and appearance patent of press cover.  

2020: During the epidemic, ensure the supply needs of overseas customers and stabilize production.  

2019: Guangdong Shaoguan Factory was established.  

2018: The self-developed extubation intubation mechanical arm was formally put into mass production.  

2017: 16-19-22-35mm self-sealing mouth of three specifications of hose mass production.  

2016: Exported injection molding products to Saudi Arabia in large quantities.  

2015: Successfully developed shoulder injection machine tube pulling equipment.  

2014:16-19-22-35mm self-sealing mouth design was launched, and the utility model patent was obtained, which was highly praised by customers.  

2013: Obtained ISO9001 quality Management system certificate.  

2012: Added two production lines, and began to jointly develop production equipment with Shanghai Second Polytechnic University to save labor costs.  

2011: Established cooperative relationship with Israeli customers.  

2010: Set up mold, injection workshop, mold and products exported to many countries.  

2009: Cooperation with Chilean customers.  

2008: Cooperated with customers in Peru and Mexico.  

2007: Aluminum laminated tube began to be exported to South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries.  

2006:The company established the Foreign trade Department.  

2005: Shanghai Fine weather Industrial Co., LTD was established.